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Orthopedic Footwear

MeMo's controlled and diagnostic area is its outsole and heel. They are divided into six numbered zones with cambered stripes. When wearing MeMo shoes, it is possible to observe the degree of stripes' abrasion. Depending on worn out zone, quick and precise diagnosis can be determined and corrective insoles can be selected.

MeMo System was developed in response to a serious foot dysfunction in children of growing age. The idea of the MeMo System is early detection and prophylactic, as well as therapeutic approach to foot diseases that, if left untreated, lead to spine and posture dysfunctions.

* Purposes of the MeMo System                                                                                                           

1. Foot stabilization during the growth period.
2. Providing proper body posture and teaching proper walk.
3. Controlling proper foot growth.
4. Eliminating majority of foot and knee joint dysfunctions.
5. Limiting costs of medical care.

** MeMo System consists of :

1. Unique diagnostic sole indicating foot dysfunction level, accompanied by special care instructions for the proper foot development.
2. Footwear made in special technology process, maintaining corrective and therapeutic functions.
3. Set of corrective inserts- prevent poor posture and body alignment, bone deformity, and disorder/dysfunction of balance and coordination         caused by foot dysfunction.

*** MeMo System works in three ways :

1. Diagnostic -   It contains zoning system (on the sole) that makes possible for parents to get first diagnosis.
2. Prophylactic -  Special shoe design protects feet, and prevents eventual dysfunction, as well as providing the proper posture and body alignment.
3. Therapeutic -  After applying particular insert, it corrects posture  dysfunctions


How To Purchase MeMo Orthopedic Footwear?



Zones 5 and 6

Zones of serious dysfunction – abrasion in 5th zone of the out sole and 6th zone of the heel indicate the necessity of appointment with GP.

Zone 6

Very serious dysfunction zone – abrasion in the 6th zone indicates the need of appointment with GP.

Zone 1

Normal zone – Any abrasion in this area means HEALTHY FEET. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
In this situation Memo shoes act preventively – use beige insole

Zones 3 and 4

Zones of dysfunction – indicate case of foot and/or knee defect. It is necessary to use the orange Memo corrective insole and to have an appointment with GP.

Zone 3

Dysfunction zone – indicates foot and/or knee defect. It is necessary to apply the orange Memo corrective insole while wearing Memo footwear all time. If abnormality persists, you should have an appointment with GP.

Zone 2

Risk zone – danger of a defect or illness. Abrasion of the outsole in this zone suggests the necessity of using grey insole and permanent usage of Memo shoes. If during the period of using grey insole the outsole abrasion does not return to normal zone, it is necessary to have an appointment with GP.