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About GENIUS Worldwide Co., LTD


GENIUS Pediatric Fitness Center


Genius Worldwide Co., LTD. is authorized by TheraSuit LLC as a sole distributor in Taiwan, China, and Asia area.  Kevin S. Huang, PT, MA is also a TheraSuit Method® certified instructor to offer therapists and parents training courses in TheraSuit®, Universal Exercise Unit, and Intensive Therapy Program.  To schedule TheraSuit®, Universal Exercise Unit (UEU), and Intensive Therapy Program certified training sessions in Taiwan, China, and Asia area, you can contact Genius Worldwide Co., LTD. office in Taiwan.  In USA, please contact TheraSuit LLC ( for certified training Course.

Our goal is to " promote children's maximum potential of independent mobility in minimal time and in their natural environment ".

Our center is a therapist-operated facility. We provide physical, occupational and speech therapy services for children with a variety of disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, neuro-musculoskeletal or neuro-motor disorders, Developmental Delays, spinal cord injury, and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Our patients' age group ranges from 0 to 21 year-old.

Our therapists have attended multiple continuing education courses and utilized the TheraSuit Method® (sensory-motor system), Universal Exercise Unit (muscle strengthening, functional skill training and vestibular system re-organizing), Nero-Developmental Treatment (NDT- facilitation), Sensory Integration/Management (SI-vestibular system), Therapeutic Listening Program (auditory system), Myofascial Release (muscle relaxation), and other various therapy techniques to provide a more holistic treatment approach and a more global treatment strategy in meeting each child's needs. By using various treatment approaches, it allows us to be more creative and flexible during the treatment sessions. We offer Intensive Therapy Program (ITP) with TheraSuit® and Universal Exercise Unit and also Traditional Therapy Programs. The traditional therapy services can be a preparation for an Intensive Suit Therapy Program, or as an ongoing treatment after completing an Intensive Suit Therapy Program.


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" Progress begins when you believe "

" Maximal Improvement In Minimal Time "

~Stretch what's tight,

~Mobilize what's stiff,

~Strengthen what's weak,

~Train what's needed,

~~ And feel stronger.


Kevin Huang, PT,MA.

Kevin Huang

About Kevin --
  • Received a Bachelor's degree from Chun-Shang Medical and Dental College Physical Therapy Departemnt in 1990, and accomplished affiliation at the National Taiwan University Physical Therapy Department.
  • Received a Master's degree as a Physical Therapist from New York University Developmental Disability Program in 1995.
  • Working for different Early Intervention Agency as a Physical Therapy Evaluator and a Home-Based Pediatric Physical Therapist (Service Provider) since 1995
  • Worked at Bernard Fineson Developmental Center as a Senior Physical, 1992-1997.
  • Working at Queens Centers For Progress (former name-United Cerebral Palsy of Queens) as a Pediatric Physical Therapist since 1997.
  • Worked at Parker Jewish Geriatric Institute as a part-time Physical Therapist, 1995-1998.
  • Established Genius Physical Therapy PLLC (Genius Pediatric Therapy/ Fitness Center) in 2006.
  • Become a certified Instructor for Intensive Therapy Program (TheraSuit® and TheraSuit Method®, and Universal Exercise Unit) in 2008, and become the representative of TheraSuit® LLC in Asia.


Genius Worldwide Co., LTD. offers therapists and parents the following training course in Taiwan/ China/ Asia area:

* Therapists:  For Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and other health care   professionals.

  • TheraSuit® - 2 Days
  • Universal Exercise Unit (UEU)- 2 Days
  • TheraSuit Method® and Intensive Suit Therapy Method- 5 Days


  • To schedule training for therapists, please contact our Genius Worldwide Co., LTD. office.
  • Discounted group rate and on-site training are  also available

* Parents

  • TheraSuit® - 2 Days
  • Universal Exercise Unit (UEU) – 2 Days


  • To schedule training for parents, please contact our Genius Worldwide Co., LTD. office.
  • Discounted group rate and on-site training are also available.


What is Intensive Therapy Program?

What is NDT treatment?

What is SI management?

What is Therapeutic Listening Program?

What is Traditional Therapy Program?

How can my child participate in the program?


How can I participate in the program?



* Intensive Therapy Program (ITP) -

The Intensive Therapy Program (ITP) is customized to fit the needs of each special needed child. The Intensive Therapy Program follows the " TheraSuit Method® " which is an intensive strengthening program to treat various neurological disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, neuro-musculoskeletal or neuro-motor disorders, Grobal or Developmental Delays, and Traumatic Brain Injuries or Spinal Cord Injuries. This method utilizes the TheraSuit® and Universal Exercise Unit combined with various treatment and handling strategies to combat the effects of de-conditioning and immobilization to promote the maximum potential of independence.

Overview of TheraSuit Method

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* NDT (Nero-Developmental Treatment) -

Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) is an advanced and widely recognized therapeutic approach. This hands-on approach is used in working with people who have central nervous system insults that create difficulties in controlling movement. The therapists using NDT treatment work closely with individuals with neurological challenges (e.g. cerebral palsy, stroke, head injury). We help them to become as independent as possible. The therapists work collaboratively with individuals, family, caregivers and physicians to develop comprehensive treatment programs based on the principles of human neurology and physiology. It focuses on handling techniques to maximize proximal stability in the body, thus improving postural control and functional mobility.


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* SI (Sensory Integration/Management)-

Sensory integration is an innate neurobiological process and refers to the integration and interpretation of sensory stimulation from the environment by the brain. In contrast, sensory integrative dysfunction is a disorder in which sensory input is not integrated or organized appropriately in the brain and may produce varying degrees of problems in development, information processing, and behavior. A general theory of sensory integration and treatment has been developed by Dr. A. Jean Ayres from studies in the neurosciences and those pertaining to physical development and neuromuscular function.

Sensory integration focuses primarily on three basic senses--tactile, vestibular, and proprioceptive. Their interconnections start forming before birth and continue to develop as the person matures and interacts with his/her environment. The three senses are not only interconnected but are also connected with other systems in the brain. Although these three sensory systems are less familiar than vision and audition, they are critical to our basic survival. The inter-relationship among these three senses is complex. Basically, they allow us to experience, interpret, and respond to different stimuli in our environment.

"Cindy Hatch-Rasmussen, M.A., OTR/L"
Therapy Northwest, P.C.
Beaverton, OR 97005


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* Therapeutic Listening-

Therapeutic Listening is a sound-based intervention that is embedded in the sensory integration perspective. It has evolved from clinical work built on a foundation of developmental and neurological principles. Like other sensory integrative interventions. Therapeutic Listening has a strong impact on sub-cortical processing of sensor-motor function. As a result, it can be effective for a variety of occupations ranging from basic arousal, sensory modulation, and praxis to focused attention and academics. Therapeutic Listening can be implemented in a variety of settings although it is primarily a home-based program. It is individualized for each client and with the guidance of a trained practitioner can be easily implemented by parents, teachers, and other caregivers.

Because the auditory system has connections to many parts of the brain, sound is a powerful way to access the nervous system and affect changes at all levels. The music in Therapeutic Listening CDs gives the listener unique and precisely controlled sensory information. The music is electronically modified to highlight the parts of the the sound spectrum that naturally trigger attention and activate body movement, synchronizing it with the environment. Therapeutic Listening uses electronic modification, along with the organized, rhythmical sound patterns inherent in music, to trigger the self-organizing capacities of the nervous system.

Therapeutic Listening uses a variety of movement activities designed to elicait the adaptive responses that are the cornerstone of sensory integrative treatment. These activities develop and strengthen the postural responses along with healthy and relaxed breathing patterns. In this way, Therapeutic Listening sets up the body and the nervous system for emergent skills and has been found decrease the time necessary to meet treatment goals.

" Sheila M. Frick, OTR and Sally R. Young, PHD "
Clinical Concepts and Treatment Guidelines
Therapeutic Listening


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* Traditional Therapy Program-

We provide traditional therapy services (Early Intervention Program, CPSE program, and RSA Program). Treatment includes physical exercises to improve joint mobility and stability, to increase muscle strength and endurance, to facilitate balance and coordination control, and to promote functional skills.

Therapeutic goals are focused on:

1. helping children improve their mobility and stability during their activities of daily living,
2. preventing or improving the child's permanent physical disabilities,
3. improving the child's functional skills,
4. assessing assistive or adaptive devices to reach the child's maximum improvement (including wheelchairs, walker, crutches or orthotics).


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How can my child participate in the program?